Our customers demand the highest quality technology and service.

We REIMAGINE traditional solutions, constantly seeking ways to improve the customer experience.


Our customers have specific individual needs.

We RECONSIDER and simplify the way we deliver our technology and services for every situation to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.


Our customers love our results.

We RECOMMIT to a process of continuous improvement with each new project because we recognize that building long-standing business relationships is the foundation of on-going success.

Call Us

For immediate assistance, call 888-880-2122 ext. 2 any time and one of our RescueRad agents will be available to help troubleshoot and route the call to the appropriate engineer. Calling us is the quickest option to reach our RescueRad team should always be used when the situation is urgent. Examples of when customers should call our RescueRad hotline include there is no power to the modality, the facility cannot send images to different locations or other critical situations where your patients are waiting.

Email Us

If this is a matter that does NOT need our immediate attention and can be addressed at a later time, please e-mail our RescueRad team at In order to help us resolve the issue more quickly, we recommend submitting photos or screenshots of any issue or error message you see. As an example, a client could use
the email option to ask a question, request documentation or possibly to coordinate a modality or application training session.

Chat With Us

Clients can also initiate a chat session with one of our RescueRad agents on any web browser or mobile device. By selecting the “CHAT WITH US” option, you will be prompted to enter the Re$cueMe! password and then enter your Name, Phone Number, Professional E-mail, Facility Name and a brief description of the request. Once complete, you will be able to interact with one of our team members in any of our departments. The chat option can be used as a convenience for non-urgent matters.

On rare occasions, our RescueRad team may initiate a Remote Live Stream Support session through such applications as FaceTime.
This feature allows us to see and hear exactly what the client is experiencing while simultaneously allowing us to walk clients through any resolution.