At XTREMED, we provide concierge radiology services for the Emergency Room market. Since 2007, we have been major players in this market, and will continue

XtreMed Set to Dominate Medical Imaging Industry with Independent Bank’s Big Boost

XtreMed, a turnkey medical imaging provider, today announced a new financial relationship with Texas-based Independent Bank to expand its share in the freestanding emergency room market. With this additional financial support, XtreMed continues to increase its role as a nation-wide radiology equipment provider and project manager for freestanding emergency rooms, hospitals, urgent care clinics, imaging centers and ambulatory surgery centers.

T-System’s EDIS Integration with Radiology Technology

XtreMed, a turnkey medical imaging provider today announced successful integration of their Harmonious Radiology Solution with T-System’s emergency department information system (EDIS) at Neighbors Emergency Center, one of the largest freestanding emergency center (FSEC) networks in the U.S.